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List of exchangers

Sorted by status and an order of adding into the monitoring, list of sites that perform exchange operations. Full description of the values ​​of columns in the table is at the bottom of the page.

If you are the owner of exchanger, and want that your site was also added into this table then you need to apply for the addition into the monitoring of the exchanger.

Exchanger Added Works BL TS Reviews 3m. 1y. 1m. 18d. 36.4 3m. 1y. 9m. 27d. 233.6 3m. 580.5 6m. 16d. 3y. 7m. 4d. 0/1/0/0 6m. 16d. 6m. 16d. 2y. 7m. 11d. 8.4 1y. 1m. 4d. 1y. 9m. 25d. 65.8 1y. 1m. 4d. 1y. 6m. 30d. 128.9 1y. 1m. 4d. 38.4 11/0/0/1 1y. 1m. 10d. 2y. 8m. 4d. 1y. 1m. 10d. 3y. 1m. 11d. 26.4 1y. 4m. 17d. 2y. 4m. 11d. 1y. 4m. 17d. 1y. 7m. 1d. 525 1y. 4m. 17d. 2y. 2m. 7d. 1y. 4m. 27d. 2y. 10m. 28d. 1y. 9m. 24d. 3y. 1m. 27d. 872.1 1y. 9m. 24d. 7y. 2m. 30d. 238.0 0/1/0/0 1y. 9m. 24d. 6y. 8m. 9d. 1y. 9m. 24d. 6y. 8d. 2253.0 1y. 10m. 17d. 3y. 5m. 18d. 135.7 2/0/0/0 1y. 10m. 17d. 2y. 2m. 18d. 483.8 1y. 10m. 17d. 3y. 3m. 11d. 334.6 2y. 18d. 3y. 6m. 21d. 9.2 2y. 18d. 3y. 9m. 23d. 120.3 2y. 18d. 5y. 4m. 1d. 245.1 1/0/0/0 2y. 3m. 19d. 3y. 10m. 26d. 296.4 1/0/0/0 2y. 3m. 19d. 3y. 3m. 28d. 156.1 2/0/0/0 2y. 3m. 25d. 4y. 7m. 5d. 446.1 4/0/0/0 2y. 3m. 25d. 5y. 8m. 17d. 2y. 3m. 25d. 5y. 9m. 11d. 366.5 2y. 3m. 25d. 5y. 7m. 1d. 135.9 2y. 3m. 25d. 4y. 6m. 28d. 3045 2y. 4m. 20d. 3y. 23d. 23/1/0/1 2y. 4m. 20d. 3y. 8m. 11d. 2/0/0/0 2y. 7m. 22d. 3y. 11m. 15d. 1/0/0/0 2y. 7m. 22d. 3y. 6m. 9d. 17.5 1/0/0/0 2y. 8m. 2d. 2y. 11m. 2d. 2y. 8m. 2d. 2y. 8m. 2d. 3y. 10m. 11d. 74.2 2y. 11m. 1d. 4y. 3m. 25d. 215.6 2y. 11m. 1d. 3y. 3m. 2d. 235.2 4/0/0/0 3y. 25d. 3y. 6m. 6d. 1/0/0/0 3y. 25d. 3y. 2m. 23d. 3y. 25d. 3y. 7m. 3y. 25d. 5y. 11m. 4d. 1/0/0/0 3y. 1m. 1d. 5y. 1m. 28d. 43/2/0/0 3y. 1m. 1d. 3y. 10m. 23d. 42.3 3y. 1m. 24d. 4y. 4m. 11d. 1638 3y. 2m. 19d. 5/0/0/0 3y. 4m. 23d. 142.9 3y. 4m. 23d. 3y. 10m. 17d. 3y. 4m. 23d. 5y. 11m. 16d. 2/0/0/1 3y. 4m. 23d. 4y. 7m. 8d. 11/0/0/0 3y. 6m. 4d. 4y. 3m. 9d. 119.4 3y. 6m. 4d. 3y. 11m. 8d. 226.8 7/0/0/0 3y. 6m. 4d. 3y. 6m. 29d. 531.1 3/2/0/0 3y. 7m. 18d. 4y. 5m. 11d. 134.4 15/1/0/2 3y. 7m. 18d. 4y. 11d. 4/0/0/0 3y. 7m. 18d. 3y. 8m. 10d. 32/2/0/0 3y. 7m. 18d. 3y. 10m. 25d. 133.6 3y. 7m. 18d. 3y. 11m. 23d. 3y. 7m. 18d. 4y. 11m. 11d. 1/1/0/0 3y. 8m. 21d. 4y. 3m. 158.9 3y. 8m. 22d. 4y. 6m. 21d. 1425 1/0/0/0 3y. 10m. 1d. 4y. 6m. 18d. 14/0/0/0 3y. 10m. 1d. 5y. 7m. 7d. 790.4 3y. 10m. 26d. 4y. 11m. 9d. 3y. 10m. 26d. 4y. 7m. 11d. 691 2/0/0/0 3y. 10m. 26d. 8y. 2m. 11d. 4/0/0/3 3y. 10m. 26d. 5y. 11d. 3y. 11m. 7d. 4y. 4m. 2d. 233.0 0/0/1/0 4y. 4y. 7m. 17d. 8/0/0/1 4y. 1m. 15d. 5y. 5m. 1d. 1/0/0/0 4y. 3m. 2d. 4y. 7m. 24d. 131.5 4y. 3m. 2d. 4y. 6m. 12d. 59.1 4y. 4m. 22d. 4y. 7m. 29d. 25.7 2/0/0/0 4y. 5m. 22d. 6y. 4m. 3d. 1570 1/0/0/0 4y. 5m. 22d. 5y. 6m. 4y. 6m. 13d. 6y. 2m. 13d. 268.5 2/0/0/1 4y. 6m. 15d. 4y. 11m. 13d. 88.1 25/0/0/0 4y. 7m. 30d. 7y. 5m. 15d. 11/0/0/0 4y. 8m. 9d. 5y. 26d. 570.8 4y. 8m. 11d. 4y. 5m. 2d. 577.3 1/0/0/0 4y. 9m. 26d. 5y. 2m. 7d. 0/0/1/1 4y. 10m. 8d. 7y. 2m. 29d. 3057 4y. 10m. 8d. 5y. 10m. 11d. 2/0/0/0 5y. 1m. 2d. 6y. 2m. 11d. 1/0/0/0 5y. 1m. 2d. 5y. 4m. 23d. 362.7 7/0/0/2 5y. 1m. 2d. 5y. 3m. 27d. 5/0/0/0 5y. 1m. 2d. 410.1 5y. 1m. 14d. 5y. 8m. 9d. 19.1 20/0/0/0 5y. 2m. 6d. 5y. 4m. 18d. 74.9 10/0/0/0 5y. 2m. 15d. 6y. 10m. 20d. 316.9 4/0/0/0 5y. 3m. 22d. 5y. 6m. 10d. 213.3 48/1/0/0 5y. 3m. 22d. 6y. 7m. 4d. 325.8 61/0/0/2 5y. 5m. 12d. 561.0 2/1/0/0 5y. 5m. 19d. 6y. 10m. 2d. 0/0/0/1 5y. 6m. 1d. 6y. 6m. 30d. 1435.6 10/0/0/0 5y. 6m. 12d. 6y. 5m. 19d. 1905 6/0/0/1 5y. 6m. 13d. 6y. 1m. 26d. 1326.9 0/0/0/1 5y. 6m. 30d. 6y. 6m. 1d. 784.6 3/0/0/0 5y. 7m. 4d. 4y. 9m. 12d. 920 2/0/0/0 5y. 7m. 4d. 5y. 9m. 16d. 8/0/0/0 5y. 7m. 15d. 6y. 4m. 9d. 58.5 5y. 7m. 28d. 5y. 11m. 7d. 1/0/0/0 5y. 7m. 28d. 5y. 9m. 20d. 316.9 5/0/0/0 5y. 7m. 28d. 5y. 10m. 11d. 0/1/0/0 5y. 7m. 28d. 541.6 4/0/0/0 5y. 8m. 27d. 6y. 4m. 18d. 643.6 3/1/0/0 5y. 9m. 10d. 5y. 10m. 11d. 2334.8 40/0/0/0 5y. 9m. 10d. 6y. 11d. 26/0/0/0 5y. 9m. 10d. 670 1/0/0/0 5y. 9m. 10d. 6y. 7m. 11d. 600.2 5y. 9m. 10d. 6y. 7m. 12d. 627.7 10/2/0/1 5y. 9m. 13d. 8y. 10m. 14d. 1066.7 5/0/0/1 5y. 10m. 12d. 6y. 4m. 11d. 1/0/0/0 5y. 10m. 15d. 6y. 7m. 317.5 4/0/0/0 5y. 10m. 15d. 6y. 3m. 11d. 1847.9 0/1/0/0 5y. 10m. 15d. 6y. 1m. 22d. 453.6 12/1/0/0 5y. 11m. 30d. 8y. 7m. 12d. 2405 6y. 1m. 24d. 6y. 2m. 23d. 0/1/0/0 6y. 2m. 3d. 7y. 11m. 11d. 441.5 2/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 12d. 7y. 5m. 28d. 2490.2 3/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 12d. 6y. 8m. 3d. 2070.8 3/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 12d. 6y. 8m. 11d. 1462 1/0/0/1 6y. 3m. 6y. 5m. 22d. 5/0/0/0 6y. 3m. 25d. 8y. 6m. 10d. 443.7 6y. 3m. 25d. 363 1/0/0/0 6y. 4m. 1d. 6y. 4m. 5d. 1/0/0/0 6y. 4m. 13d. 7y. 4m. 12d. 1615.8 429/3/0/3 6y. 5m. 1d. 6y. 7m. 12d. 542.3 28/0/0/2 6y. 5m. 1d. 6y. 5m. 24d. 48.9 6y. 6m. 6d. 7y. 29d. 1255.9 4/2/0/1 6y. 6m. 15d. 7y. 2m. 9d. 0/1/0/0 6y. 6m. 23d. 6y. 11m. 15d. 1479.8 6y. 7m. 26d. 12y. 3m. 24d. 247 6y. 8m. 14d. 6y. 10m. 6d. 676.7 16/0/0/1 6y. 10m. 10d. 7y. 5m. 11d. 816 6y. 10m. 10d. 15y. 4m. 2d. 7/0/0/0 6y. 10m. 10d. 7y. 8m. 11d. 1040.2 3/1/0/1 6y. 10m. 20d. 1339.4 2/0/0/1 6y. 11m. 2d. 6y. 11m. 23d. 303.8 6y. 11m. 30d. 7y. 13d. 460.2 39/0/0/0 7y. 13d. 10y. 7m. 12d. 1238 2/0/0/0 7y. 20d. 7y. 9m. 6d. 5/2/0/2 7y. 20d. 16y. 7m. 12d. 466 6/0/0/0 7y. 3m. 12d. 7y. 6m. 11d. 767.3 86/0/0/0 7y. 4m. 22d. 8y. 5m. 5d. 408.3 7/0/0/0 7y. 5m. 15184.9 12/0/0/0 7y. 5m. 19d. 9y. 1m. 25d. 0.7 0/0/3/2
меняйко 7y. 9m. 10d. 10y. 7m. 12d. 1672 1/1/0/0 7y. 9m. 29d. 8y. 1m. 11d. 451 5/0/0/0 7y. 11m. 29d. 8162 1/1/0/0 8y. 23d. 8y. 9m. 1d. 2333.9 4/0/0/0 8y. 3m. 14d. 8y. 4m. 13d. 1144 8y. 4m. 19d. 9y. 11m. 21d. 856.5 2/0/0/1 8y. 4m. 19d. 8y. 8m. 11d. 0/0/1/5 8y. 5m. 26d. 9y. 2m. 12d. 2880.9 2/1/0/0 8y. 6m. 12d. 9y. 2m. 11d. 9410.6 60/0/0/3 9y. 1m. 11d. 9y. 6m. 23d. 6/0/0/0 9y. 1m. 12d. 9y. 7m. 12d. 3271.9 32/0/0/0 9y. 2m. 25d. 9y. 4m. 23d. 964.5 1/0/0/0 9y. 9m. 21d. 10y. 12d. 410.1 1/0/0/0 9y. 11m. 23d. 17y. 12d. 8919.6 1/0/0/0 10y. 5m. 16d. 1708 3/1/0/0 1568 11y. 3m. 11d. 1779 1y. 1m. 10d. 2y. 8m. 13d. 0.0 1y. 1m. 10d. 2y. 5m. 26d. 5y. 1m. 2d. 5y. 5m. 11d. 673.5 2/1/0/1 5y. 6m. 28d. 403.1 5y. 8m. 23d. 7y. 1m. 11d. 326.6 11/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 26d. 6y. 11m. 1d. 1247 3/0/0/0 6y. 3m. 24d. 7y. 25d. 1453 1/0/0/0 7y. 26d. 7y. 7m. 18d. 1977.6 2/1/0/0 9y. 1m. 5d. 12y. 7m. 12d. 1008 3/0/0/0 3m. 3y. 7m. 14d. 6m. 16d. 3y. 25d. 0.0 1y. 1m. 4d. 2y. 5m. 8d. 1/0/0/0 1y. 1m. 10d. 3y. 6m. 11d. 7.5 1y. 1m. 10d. 1y. 4m. 17d. 4y. 8m. 22d. 174.3 1y. 4m. 27d. 3y. 10m. 16d. 1y. 10m. 17d. 2y. 10m. 28d. 2y. 3m. 19d. 4y. 11d. 26.6 2y. 7m. 22d. 3y. 1m. 26d. 123.1 18/0/0/0 2y. 8m. 1d. 5y. 11m. 11d. 646 2/0/0/0 2y. 8m. 2d. 3y. 7m. 17d. 3y. 2m. 19d. 4y. 1m. 28d. 646 3y. 8m. 22d. 5y. 5m. 23d. 435.7 2/0/0/0 3y. 10m. 1d. 4y. 8m. 16d. 25/2/0/2 4y. 4y. 8m. 16d. 0 4y. 1m. 15d. 4y. 6m. 29d. 4y. 5m. 25d. 5y. 5m. 9d. 3.7 10/0/0/2 4y. 9m. 26d. 5y. 2m. 11d. 49.2 1/0/0/0 4y. 10m. 8d. 1/0/0/1 5y. 6m. 1d. 5y. 7m. 4d. 19.3 1/0/0/0 5y. 10m. 15d. 184.7 11/0/0/0 7y. 10m. 11d. 8y. 23d. 395.8 0/1/0/0 8y. 6d. 8y. 25d. 985.4 2/0/0/1 8y. 23d. 8y. 11m. 1d. 1449.8 9y. 2m. 12d. 12y. 7m. 12d. 0 2/0/0/0 11y. 9m. 1d. 14y. 7m. 12d. 1952 600.2 4/0/0/0 1y. 1m. 4d. 1y. 4m. 17d. 1y. 4m. 17d. 2y. 7m. 23d. 175 32.9 1y. 10m. 17d. 3y. 9m. 7d. 27.8 30/1/0/0 2y. 3m. 25d. 1720.6 2y. 3m. 25d. 243 2y. 8m. 2d. 3y. 9m. 12d. 3y. 2m. 19d. 3y. 10m. 15d. 0/0/0/1 3y. 4m. 23d. 3y. 7m. 29d. 3.0 3y. 6m. 4d. 4y. 6m. 24d. 61.3 3y. 8m. 21d. 4y. 7d. 36/0/0/0 3y. 10m. 1d. 4y. 5m. 24d. 62.0 3y. 10m. 7d. 11y. 11m. 12d. 1406 2/0/0/1 3y. 11m. 15d. 5y. 2m. 17d. 9/1/0/0 4y. 3m. 2d. 4y. 11m. 24d. 4y. 4m. 24d. 10y. 3m. 20d. 0 4y. 7m. 30d. 5y. 9m. 11d. 1/1/0/0 4y. 11m. 29d. 5y. 6m. 80.1 1/0/0/1 5y. 2m. 23d. 8y. 10m. 11d. 406.6 2/0/0/0 5y. 3m. 22d. 6y. 9d. 19.3 5y. 6m. 7d. 7y. 10m. 20d. 577.3 5y. 9m. 10d. 6y. 6m. 18d. 577 5y. 10m. 15d. 6y. 1m. 25d. 127.1 2/0/0/0 5y. 11m. 17d. 6y. 23d. 986.2 27/0/1/4 6y. 13d. 12y. 5m. 25d. 6838.8 53/0/0/1 6y. 1m. 9d. 6y. 4m. 12d. 97.1 4/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 22d. 8y. 3m. 23d. 461 1/0/0/0 6y. 2m. 22d. 6y. 5m. 14d. 1347 6y. 4m. 1d. 7y. 4m. 24d. 0 1/0/0/0 6y. 4m. 1d. 6y. 4m. 11d. 0 1/0/0/0 6y. 4m. 5d. 7y. 11d. 632 3/0/0/0 6y. 4m. 5d. 7y. 9m. 26d. 379.4 6y. 4m. 18d. 9y. 7m. 12d. 4851 1/0/0/1 6y. 5m. 19d. 1177 2/0/0/0 6y. 6m. 15d. 7y. 11m. 11d. 6y. 9m. 7d. 7y. 1m. 11d. 2/0/0/0 6y. 9m. 18d. 7y. 1m. 9d. 45.6 4/0/0/0 7y. 5d. 9y. 1m. 11d. 105.6 20/1/1/0 7y. 1m. 2d. 1177 1/0/0/1 7y. 1m. 9d. 11y. 2m. 16d. 4173.8 7y. 5m. 16d. 9y. 28d. 1974 5/0/0/1 7y. 8m. 6d. 9y. 9m. 20d. 11/2/0/5 7y. 9m. 29d. 8y. 7m. 29d. 683.6 105/0/0/0 7y. 10m. 14d. 13y. 7m. 13d. 691 2/0/0/0 8y. 9m. 0 2/0/0/0

Description of table columns

Status (first column) – indicates whether the exchanger is active at the moment or is disabled for some reason. The reasons that it can be turned off:

  • Have claims – set when the address of the owner WMID put forward claims.
  • No reserves – set when the exchanger common currency reserves decreased to values ??at which the exchange is not possible.
  • Technical work – set if the site is not available or conducted any technical work.
  • Not active – set, if the full operation of the exchange is not possible, and the reason why it happened does not match any of the previously listed.

Added – how much time has elapsed since adding to track the rates. May contain the word: "new" if the exchanger was added less than 30 days ago.

Works – how much time has passed since the beginning of the exchange operations.

BL – the level of business activity in Webmoney system shows the overall level of interaction exchanger with the system.

TS – level of confidence to the user in the system Perfect Money, shows the activity level of the user in this system.

Reviews – left by users on a personal page exchanger reviews of his career. This may be reviews, comments, complaints and withdrawn complaints.

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