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Would you like to take part in our promotion with a prize fund of 100 dollars and a guaranteed prize for each participant:

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Rules for participation in the "my first exchange" promotion

You need to write a short story about how and when you made the first exchange in your life on the Internet.

The text of the story must be more than 500 characters and contain a link to the exchange rates page on our website similar to the exchange you had. The link must be active (clicking on it should open a page on our website).

If we don’t have such a page, then you can provide a link to a page with any exchange of one of the currencies that was in your exchange. If there are no such pages, please provide a link to the main page of our website.

The presence of an active link lets us know that you are a participant in the promotion.

After publishing the story, you will need to write to us and provide a link to the page with the story.

You can post the story on your website or on your social network page. Instead of a story, you can also record a short video, which will tell you everything the same as in the usual text version. The link will need to be placed in the description of the video.

Promotion dates

The promotion will end on March 10, 2024 at 23:59:59

Determination of the winner

The winner will be selected randomly using the service

Promotion prizes

After the end of the promotion, all participants will receive a guaranteed prize, which is shown below (you can also buy it).

Smaller view of the 2024 cryptocurrency calendar

The winner will receive 100 US dollars if there are more than 10 participants.

Relevance of the rules

These rules are subject to change if they fail to ensure fair and equitable participation for all participants.